Gaia Ventures Mission Statement

Gaia Ventures is dedicated to building awareness of our natural world, and the dangers to it. We are a not for profit, fundraising group that works with other environmental groups to help further their causes.

We do this by showcasing individuals through their adventures and the causes they represent.

Let me take a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Danny “DB” Marsh. I have always loved the outdoors and was fortunate enough to have lived throughout the country. As far East as New Hampshire and as far West as Hawaii; and many wonderful places between.

At the moment, I live at anchor off the shores of Fernandina Beach,FL, on my sailboat, “Latitudes”.

I know, appreciate, and love the raw power of nature from the many adventures I’ve had living out here. I’ve also watched with wonder the softer, interconnected, side of the world around us.

Peaceful moment in the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge, South Carolina (the fire pit was there when I arrived).

So join me, my brother, Josh (who is keeping up with the site updates), and my Navy brother, Russell (who is keeping track of our donors and passing the funds where they need to go)

The goal of this site is for other environmentally conscious adventurers, event planners, and forward thinkers to host their endeavors and who they support.

The only caveat is that the beneficiaries of the events are environmentally related. There are so many catastrophic, and near catastrophic issues in our world today; there are no shortages of things to find.

If you have an idea for a cause, an adventure with a purpose, or an Eco fundraiser of your own, hit the “Awareness Through Adventure” button below.

Our first adventure,The Great Marsh Loop, started on February 21, 2022. Estimated completion time: 3 months.